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Photography found me in the mid 1990s when I was lucky enough to spend a period of time working for Radio Times magazine. Although my work there was editorial based, I was surrounded by the daily buzz of the Picture Desk and photographers coming in and out.

I painstakingly taught myself film photography in my spare time and by 1997 had learnt enough to gain a coveted place on the Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism course at the London College of Printing.  Following this I spent a busy few years in the professional world of commercial photography, assisting other photographers and undertaking my own commissions. I managed a busy fashion studio in Shoreditch and also sold stories to media organisations on a freelance basis.

 In 2012 I moved to St Ives in Cornwall and finally found 'home' physically and creatively. St Ives is rich in visual magic, the ordinary becomes extraordinary here. The luminescent light and the colour it bestows on the natural landscape fills me with delight.

In a world so often fixated on the negative and depressing, I seek to highlight the fragility and increasing threat to our natural world by depicting its beauty in a unique way and uplifting way. 

In essence, I have become a photographer who focusses primarily on nature, in particular flora set within a larger framework. Away from the studio, the sky and sea and natural vegetation have become my backdrops. This was not intentional but has happened organically. I have found my subject and a style - or rather it has found me.

I continue to enjoy the journey.


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