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I've been a photographer for almost 40 years, although I had my first camera when I was about 8 years old. It was a plastic affair that I won on the pier at Clacton. My Dad bought me a black and white film and I snapped away happily for a while but I was more interested in football at that time and the camera disappeared. I think my Mum put it in the Church jumble sale - she put almost all of the family heirlooms in jumble sales.

At Grammar school I took up with the camera again. This time I was introduced to developing and printing in the darkroom. This was a revelatory moment. The first time I saw an image emerging from the developing tray was like watching the picture on an old TV appear from the fog. It would get more poetic later on.

After leaving school I again left photography to one side. I used my Dad's Practika on occasion but nothing much came of it until I met a girl who had a Minolta Hi Matic rangefinder. Now I started taking more and more pictures. Then I started to look for an outlet and like-minded souls. This was decades before Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet, so I joined a local camera club. I was using slide film mostly but I soon started using black and white and then developing and printing in the cupboard, in the time-honoured fashion. I found that my pictures were getting good remarks and did quite well in competitions. I bought an Olympus OM1 and roamed the streets in search of images.

Jumping forward several decades and I still dev and print my own black and white work but colour is almost exclusively digital, following the demise of Ektachrome and Kodachrome. I don't really like digital photography or post-processed images. Fakery never interested me. I like a very wide range of subjects and I take pictures of whatever I find interesting. I make images that interest me and that I can enjoy looking at. I look at the work of a vast range of artists and photographers, some of whom will spark an idea, some others I may get inspiration from in other ways.

I have amassed a collection of 35mm and 120 cameras, most of which I use. I have a particular penchant for Olympus XA and Minox 35 models which have superb lenses. I got an old Baldessa II because my Dad had one and it has a great Schneider lens. The main 35mm cameras are still the Olympus OM1 and OM2.

My latest interest is Photo Gravure and Photo Etching. This is a really labour intensive process that takes a lot of time to master. Every print is unique because the inking will never be the same twice, especially when using two or more colours. I am very pleased with my early efforts but there is much to learn still.

I look forward to more revelations...

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