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Javier Corbo Lopez was born in Spain, is freelance, vocational and self taught photographer with more than 8 years of experience in the semiprofessional photography world.

Nowadays he is director of the Spanish Organization for Cooperation and Development  “Aztivate NGO” where is carrying out other of his passions, to be part of the human development of the world's poorest people. Passionate Africa lover and tireless traveler make the most of his professional travels to develop his other passion, documentary photography.

"Photography was something that was always in my mind from a very early age. Showing reality and the different ways of life of people and their natural environment is a vital need. Traveling, finding and relating all that through images is my passion.

When I see the image, my brain do the process immediately, I look for the framing and shut before reality vanishes in front of my eyes".

During this time he has gained international recognition in various contests of photography around the world as the Moscow International Photo Awards, The Photographic Society of Singapore and the International Photography Awards 2015.

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