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My professional life as a photographer is all thanks to the British Army, first as a very naive and inexperienced battalion photographer with the Royal Green Jackets and then onto greater and more adventurous times with the Royal Logistic Corps as a full time army combat photographer. My time with the RLC shaped who I am and gave me the most remarkable training and opportunities to make images that really mattered and which were published world wide.

For the majority of my 22 year service I was engaged in Press & Documentary photography with the occasional adventure into other areas of the army. I saw the world and photographed much of it, sometimes in conflict and war but also just recording the ordinary and every day lives of soldiers, people in general and their encounters with the wider world.

The army very kindly put me through university where I gained a first class honours degree in documentary photography. I had the enormous privilege of being taught by the quite remarkable documentary photographer, Nick Hedges, who truly inspired me and opened up a door into the world of documentary photography, which would become and still is my greatest passion.

I left the army in 2007 as a Warrant Officer and set up my own commercial photographic business. Once again I was so fortunate to have the chance to work with a wide variety of clients, all with very demanding and specific requirements, which I just loved. I worked for some of the major museums in London, a host of private commercial clients enjoying modest commercial success.

Throughout my professional life I have always had a great desire to make self generated photo projects and this is something I have now decide to make the primary focus what I do.  I ‘m now concentrating on a series long form documentary project on my home town, reigon & country I see this as a wonderful opportunity to  become the photographer I really want to be, focusing on making documentary photo stories of my own corner of the world.


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